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JobKeeper and JobSeeker extended in COVID lifeline

Posted on 29 July 2020
JobKeeper and JobSeeker extended in COVID lifeline
The JobKeeper Payment has been extended by a further six months to March 2021, targeting support to those organisations which continue to be significantly impacted by COVID-19. From 28 September 2020, eligibility for the JobKeeper Payment will be based on actual turnover in the relevant periods. The payment rate will be reduced and a lower payment rate will be introduced for those who work fewer hours. Other eligibility rules remain unchanged. Business eligibility Organisations seekin...
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Have casual workers been granted annual leave?

Posted on 24 June 2020
Have casual workers been granted annual leave?
Have casual workers been granted annual leave? News headlines recently stated that casual workers have won the right to paid leave following a decision in the Federal Court. As usual, the devil is in the detail. At present, there is no global change granting Australian casual workers paid leave. The case however, highlights the long running problem of determining over time, who is a permanent staff member and entitled to paid leave and other benefits, and who is a casual worker entitled...
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The ATO's JobKeeper Audit targets

Posted on 9 June 2020
The ATO's JobKeeper Audit targets
The JobKeeper subsidy has progressed beyond the rush for eligibility and entered its second phase: compliance. Late last month, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) released guidance highlighting where the regulator will focus its compliance resources. The JobKeeper estimates error Hindsight is a dangerous lens as Treasury discovered last month announcing that the number of employees expected to be covered by the JobKeeper scheme was overstated in the original announcement by approximat...
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Helping You Navigate Uncharted Territory

Posted on 27 May 2020
Helping You Navigate Uncharted Territory
The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in dramatic and unprecedented changes for many families and households, impacting social lives, workplaces and finances. As financial advisers, we are responding to the unfolding crisis to assist our clients to manage the financial repercussions. From looking at how the Government's measures will impact your finances, to developing a plan to assist you to be positioned in the best possible way to make it through this period, we can provide suppo...
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Keep the economy moving

Posted on 6 May 2020
Keep the economy moving
Keeping the economy moving The Morrison Government's mind-bogglingly large support packages to get Australians through the COVID-19 shutdown have dominated headlines, and rightly so. Only months ago, the Australian economy was in relatively good shape and headed for a Budget surplus. It's not just the Government that has swung into action. Behind the scenes, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has also pulled out all stops to keep the economy moving.  RBA monetary policy is...
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